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From our office in Allison Park, Abernethy & Hagerman, LLC delivers knowledgeable advice to Pennsylvanians on a wide range of matters relating to wills and the probate process. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience serving Allegheny, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland counties. We don’t work off cookie-cutter forms, but take the time to develop personalized wills that truly establish the legacy you leave to wish. When assisting clients with probate issues, our lawyers work diligently to see that estate administration is carried out in accordance with testators’ instructions.

Benefits of creating a personalized, enforceable will

Pennsylvania wills must be signed, and doing so before two witnesses and a notary can make the document “self-proving,” which eases the probate process. Though the legal requirements are fairly simple, a proper will is a vitally important document that can:

  • Create your legacy — After spending your life accumulating assets and doing what is best for your loved ones, you deserve to control what happens to your property after you’re gone. We make sure that our clients’ wills conform with Pennsylvania law so that you shape your legacy rather than the state’s intestacy provisions.
  • Disperse assets efficiently — Families and friends suffer enough when someone dies. By creating a detailed, personalized will, you can help the people closest to you avoid confusion and conflict over the distribution of the items in your estate.
  • Declare guardianship preferences — As part of the will drafting process, parents of minor sons and daughters should express their wishes regarding guardianship in the event that their children are orphaned. We can also assist with arrangements to provide financial support to your children if you are gone.

You can rely on us for comprehensive guidance as you draft your will along with other types of estate planning instruments such as trusts, medical directives and powers of attorney.

Effective lawyers guide estate representatives through probate

Probate is the process that is used to shift ownership of a deceased person’s property to the heirs identified in their will. Should someone die without a will, assets are allocated to family members based the priority system outlined in Pennsylvania’s intestacy law. We assist estate representatives at every stage of the probate process from the certification of the will as valid, through the inventory of estate assets and final distribution of property to the appropriate beneficiaries.

Skillful advocates assist parties in probate disputes

A person who is disappointed by a will’s terms might allege that the document was the result of fraud, duress or someone’s undue influence on the testator. Alternatively, a challenger might charge that the estate representative is not faithfully carrying out the decedent’s instructions. In these cases, we are strong litigators committed to resolving probate disputes promptly and in a way that honors the testator’s intentions. We strive to make language as clear as possible in wills and other documents during estate planning to avert confusion and legal challenges.

What can I do to stay away from probate?

During the estate planning process, some people seek to help their loved ones avoid the time, expense and hassle associated with probate. There are several different methods of accomplishing this objective. Some people choose the place their assets in a trust that requires property to go to designated beneficiaries at the time of the trust creator’s death. Our firm can also help you identify property that does not go into a decedent’s estate when they die, such as jointly held accounts, life insurance proceeds and investments with named contingent beneficiaries.

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