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Many older Americans need help to meet their everyday needs due to the effects of age or illness. Often, the most appropriate solution is to enter a nursing home or to hire someone who can provide assistance within one’s own residence. Unfortunately, the costs of this type of care can be overwhelming. At Abernethy & Hagerman, LLC, we are accomplished Pennsylvania lawyers with more than 50 years of combined experience delivering strong support to families in Allegheny, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland counties. From our office in Allison Park, we counsel clients of all ages about Medicaid planning and help them take concrete measures to relieve the financial burden on them and their family members.

Why is Medicaid planning so important?

You might feel comfortable with your financial stability even if your retirement years last for two decades or more. However, a medical condition that requires extended time in a nursing home or assisted living facility could destroy your finances and estate planning efforts. It’s not unusual for residential care to cost in excess of $10,000 per month. Even the costs of a home health care aide can take a toll. Some people assume that Medicare or Medicaid covers all of these expenses once they hit age 65, but that is not the case. Before you experience a medical crisis, it is vital to evaluate your eligibility for government health benefits along with any private long-term care insurance you might possess. This way, you can take effective action to avoid the possibility of having the assets you worked so hard to accumulate dissipate while you are denied Medicaid coverage.

Will I qualify for Medicaid coverage in Pennsylvania?

Medicaid benefits are administered through the state and eligibility is determined by a claimant’s income and assets. Though most older Americans who require nursing care don’t go to work, income also includes Social Security benefits, pension payments and other types of funds that an individual receives. Moreover, even if their income falls below the Medicaid limit, a claimant might have too many resources to qualify for benefits. In this analysis, your home’s value is not taken into account, but cash, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, vehicles and non-residential properties are. We’ll determine the income and resource levels that apply to you and then propose ways to meet those benchmarks.

How can I restructure my assets to qualify for Medicaid?

Various methods exist for people who wish to reduce their net worth in order to qualify for Medicaid. Some measures are relatively simple, such as paying off existing debts, and prepaying your funeral expenses. However, these efforts might not be enough to meet the strict standards necessary to collect benefits. Our experienced attorneys will examine your finances and assess whether irrevocable trusts or other arrangements should be considered as you plan for the future.

Knowledgeable lawyers advise on Medicaid “spend down” methods

Should you be denied full Medicaid coverage because your excess income is greater than the amount of your monthly healthcare costs, we will outline the “spend down” process. It’s important to remember that the medical bills of your spouse should also be included within this calculation. Drawing on more than 50 years of medical experience, our lawyers identify creative, legal ways to implement a Medicaid spend down.

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